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Bent, Not Broken Reviewed on Amazon

In Bent, Not Broken, Dwayne is a brilliant man who struggles with a severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and much of it involves counting and numbers and fear of germs. He has what some people would call the most boring job in the world...he sits in a cubicle and takes telephone surveys all day; but he likes his job, and he's good at it. His co-workers (The Gang of Three) disrupt his perfect cubicle and play other disgusting juvenile tricks. Dwayne doesn't seek revenge; he simply puts everything back in its precise order and resumes his work. Personal relationships are nearly impossible; physical contact is extremely uncomfortable, and a kiss means exchanging saliva with another person, something that's appalling to him. Then Dee Dee, a unique and compassionate woman who "gets him," enters his life, and turns everything upside down with surprising and positive results. Now he has a reason to consult his doctor, resume his meds, and practice his strategies of "calming and coping skills" to reduce anxiety attacks.

I found this book fascinating. The writing is clear and
the characters are well-developed. I was hooked from the first line. We see how excruciating life can be for people with OCD. I found myself cheering for Dwayne to get back on track with meds and treatment to control his OCD so he can enjoy more personal freedom, less anxiety, and have a relationship with a wonderful and understanding woman. This book is informative as well as enjoyable to read.

Reviewed by Janet J for


BENT, NOT BROKEN is story of two people who, for different reasons, have trouble finding someone to love. Dwayne has a debilitating mental/emotional handicap and Dee-Dee struggles with a painful experience in her past. Despite those obstacles, they do find a way to connect. This is a fascinating and gentle romantic novella, beautifully told and full of quiet wisdom. by Christa Polkinhorn (Santa Monica, CA, USA)


We all know the "Rain Man" version of OCD, and we know real people who struggle with compulsions, phobias and "quirks." I wasn't sure what to expect with "Bent, Not Broken," but surely not this sweet, lovely story. It takes a deft touch to create a complicated character like Dwayne and make us root for him--not out of pity, but because we see ourselves in him. This was a fast read, and it ended too soon. I can't remember the last book that left me feeling this hopeful.

By ARLockwood (Orlando, FL United States)

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