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The Fright Factory by William Potter

Tied to chairs, Robin and Wesley have only minutes to free themselves before a bomb detonates...

Wesley stared at the candle and saw less than an inch of wax above the hole with the dynamite fuse. He began to feverishly kick his feet and tug his wrists hoping for a loosening or the break of a strap. Instead, the rear legs of the chair snapped, sending him over backwards, resulting in a loud crack when his skull met the wood floor.

He shook his head slightly and glanced up at Robin next to him. She was straining to see him as he fought to meet her eyes. He could not see her face.


“Um—think so.”

“Half an inch,” Robin said, in a small, childlike voice.

“I know.” They were both quiet for a few seconds. Wesley was able to move enough on the floor to see the candle. He couldn’t see Robin’s face or stand or break free of the chair but he could see that damned candle.

“I’m sorry,” Wesley said.

“Huh, why?”

“For bringing you here.”

“You only did because I was pressuring you for us to get away.”

“I love you, Robin. More than you know.”

“I do know, Wesley. I love you too…I’ve loved you my entire life….”


“A Fast Paced Chiller That Won't Disappoint! Potter has done a fine job of introducing and developing characters I related to. He managed to make me care about their survival and kept me guessing to the final pages whether or not they would live or die in the final round of Jesse's sick "game." Fright Factory is definitely a chiller fast paced and at times graphic yet kept me turning pages from start to finish.” 5 stars 

Terror has a new name, and it's Jesse Lawless. This was a very fast read. I hated to put it down once I started reading. I finished it in a day.”
“I read The Fright Factory in two days during spare time. How...I couldn't put it down. If you like shows such as CSI and Criminal Minds, you will want to read this book.”

“The Fright Factory touches our most primary emotion: fear, and our primitive response to it: fight or flight. It asks us to question how far we would go in order to save our loved ones. Could you kill a friend to save your spouse? Equal parts thriller and horror, The Fright Factory delivers the goods to those who enjoy fast paced suspense on the chilling side. A quick read that will keep you involved and entertained from beginning to end.”  Reader’s Choice Book Reviews

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Fright Factory (Sample Sunday)

A 900 word excerpt of my new book, The Fright Factory.

(WARNING some coarse language remains in the sample)

Now available at Amazon.

Wesley saw motion from the corner of his eye.

Jesse wandered into the room. “Howzit going?” He had a length of chain and a padlock. He looped the chain between the two chairs, pulled up the slack, and then clicked in a lock. With a second length of chain he secured Wesley and Robin to the cast iron fireplace. Where Robin had been able to slide along the floor earlier, they were now secured in place.

Jesse showed them both a candle with a hole drilled through the middle near the base of the stick. He set the candle in a brass candle holder on the coffee table. He walked to the kitchen and returned in a few seconds with a long red stick, obviously dynamite. He used duct-tape to fasten two more sticks to the first and he set the three next to the candle. He then took a long string that looked like a fuse and threaded it through the hole in the candle.

Wesley wasn’t sure what Jesse was doing but he knew it wasn’t good. Jesse took the camera off his shoulder strap and began to film Wesley and Robin. Brandi entered the room with a long butane fireplace lighter. She wiggled her ass for the camera and licked the end of the starter seductively and then headed for the candle.

Oh shit, oh shit! Wesley began to understand what was about to happen. He tensed in his chair and glanced at Robin who appeared to know what was occurring as well.

“Wes?” Robin said in a low whisper.

Wesley watched as Brandi enacted a dramatic, slow motion lighting of the candle. The wick lit and then the flame increased. Jesse carefully moved the table a few feet closer to Wesley and Robin. Brandi stood back from the candle about the same distance as Wesley and blew a long, hard breath at it. The flame flickered and danced but remained lit.

“You all can huff and puff but I’d say you have about 20-30 minutes before those three sticks blow the roof off this sh**hole and you along with it.”

Both Jesse and Brandi turned and walked for the front door. Jesse stopped and then said, “Smile now. And please…please make this good! Huh?”

“Have fun,” Brandi giggled.

The flame continued its morbid dance as Jesse opened the door, Brandi followed, and both exited. Wesley watched the smoke of the flame and he could smell that the candle was scented with flowers.

“Wes! What are we going to do?” Robin was pulling on her tie-straps and kicking her feet. The chain made a metallic jingle. “Do something. Don’t just sit there!”

Wesley began to pull at the strapping with every ounce of strength. He pushed with his feet and tried to stand. Nothing. The candle continued to flicker as if mocking them. The scent was growing stronger as the flame grew taller.

Robin was gulping in long breaths and then exhaling as hard as she could. The flame shrank and twisted and then shot higher in the increased oxygen. She did the same maneuver again and again. “For f*** sakes, Wes, blow!”

Both were huffing, wheezing, and blowing and still the flame danced and flickered, and when they stopped the flame was taller.

“Okay,” Wesley said, winded. “On three, fill your lungs, and when I signal let’s blow together. Okay?”

Robin nodded.

“One-two-three.” They filled their lungs, held their breath, and looked into each other’s eyes. He gave a small nod and they both blew out as hard as they could. The flame burned away from their view as they exhaled, appearing as though it had been extinguished. Wesley felt a moment of triumph, however, as soon as their lungs emptied, the flame darted for the ceiling once more.

“F***!” Robin said between gasps. “All we’re doing is helping it to burn down faster.”

“I agree.”

For the next several minutes they struggled at their bonds. Faster, desperate movements. Robin was screaming and swearing and he could see tears streaming down her face. He looked at the candle and saw less than an inch of wax above the hole with the dynamite fuse. He began to feverishly kick his feet and tug his wrists hoping for a loosening or the break of a strap. Instead, the rear legs of the chair snapped, sending him over backwards, resulting in a loud crack when his skull met the wood floor.

He shook his head slightly and glanced up at Robin next to him. She was straining to see him as he fought to meet her eyes. He could not see her face.


“Um—think so.”

“Half an inch,” Robin said, in a small, childlike voice.

“I know.” They were both quiet for a few seconds. Wesley was able to move enough on the floor to see the candle. He couldn’t see Robin’s face or stand or break free of the chair but he could see that damned candle.

“I’m sorry,” Wesley said.

“Huh, why?”

“For bringing you here….”

“You only did because I was pressuring you for us to get away.”

“I love you, Robin. More than you know.”

“I do know, Wesley. I love you too…I’ve loved you my entire life….”

“I feel bad—for the kids. This will be hard for them….”

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Character Interview: Dwayne Johnson and Dee-Dee Roland from "Bent, Not Broken"

Bent, Not Broken is about a man named Dwayne Johnson who is plagued by severe obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). We watch Dwayne struggle as what are normal day to day activities for most of us are much more challenging for him. His anxieties are compounded by the fact that his co-workers gang up on him by moving things in his cubicle that he needs to have just so. You can't help but to feel for the poor guy. Dwayne meets Dee-Dee and falls in love with her, but his many issues will be the cause of much strain and difficulty in the relationship.

I sat down this morning with Dwayne and Dee-Dee from author William R. Potter’s novel, Bent, Not Broken.

Q. You two met in the story. How long have you been a couple?

Dee-Dee: Four months now—four and a half actually. (She glances at Dwayne with a hint of worry in her eyes.)

Q. Dwayne. How does it feel to be in a book? (Dwayne continues to rub his hands and shuffle his feet. He stands, reaches for an empty chair, lifts it and then removes it from the room to leave three chairs in total. He sits. His squirming has ceased, and he has a slight smile.)

(Dee-Dee leans toward me and whispers, “Dwayne won’t touch the even numbered questions.”)

Q. Okay. Dee-Dee. What is it like to be in a book?

Dee-Dee: It was weird at first. Being on display like that. But, now I think it’s kind of cool. Definitely a conversation starter at parties.

Q. What do you think of William Potter, the author?

Dee-Dee: He’s a hack! (She smiles)

Dwayne: Dee this one is mine! Mr. Potter—I think he did a good job. I mean he didn’t make me look like a total freak.

Q. How is Dwayne coping with his OCD? Just say pass if this is too uncomfortable.

Dee-Dee: Dwayne is doing wonderfully. I don’t have to remind him to take his meds as much anymore and he is working really hard in therapy…I’m proud of him.

Q. Dwayne, how has your anxiety made having a relationship with Dee-Dee difficult?

Dwayne: Everything is always tough for me—so it’s normal. I have to work at the relationship a lot—just like I have to work at not wanting to run to the bathroom to wash after shaking your hand.

(Dee-Dee touches Dwayne’s knee and he takes her hand in his.)

Q. Dee-Dee, how has Dwayne’s anxiety made dating difficult from your point of view?

Dee-Dee: It hasn’t! (She blurts quickly and then sighs.) Being with Dwayne has been the best relationship of my life. (She pauses for a few seconds) I was with this one guy who drank too much and sometimes he’d slap me around. Dwayne doesn’t like it when there’s six cans of beer in the fridge…so I drink one first. (She smiles at Dwayne.) He’s impossible—you know?

Q. Dwayne, you’ve struggled with alcohol in the past. Does that continue to cause you problems?

Dwayne: No, I haven’t had a drink since Dee had that scare with the baby. Sometimes, when things get hard I would like to drink…but so far I’m good.

Q. Dee, what do your parents think of Dwayne?

Dee-Dee: It’s just my Mom. She worries about me because I have made some bad choices regarding men. But Dwayne impressed her when he rushed to the hospital and wouldn’t leave my side until we knew everything was okay.

Q. Dwayne, do you still work at that awful office with those three…colleagues tormenting you like that?

Dwayne: No way! Dee got me on where she works. I stock shelves and work in the warehouse. It’s hard work and it’s dusty and I get my hands dirty…which is really good for me.

Q. Now an easy one and then a couple tougher questions. Where are you both from?

Dee-Dee: Dwayne is from here in Vancouver, and I’m from Montreal.

Q. Who is the most important person in your life and why?

Dwayne: For me it’s Dee. My parents…they don’t understand me…they are…they’re ashamed, embarrassed of me. (Dee squeezes his hand.) She teases me a tonne but she has always been good to me—very good. I love her.

Dee-Dee: Enough with the sappy stuff, Johnson. I mean, who is the chick here?

Q. Can you tell us about a really bad experience and how it changed you?

Dee-Dee: Of course this one falls to me. (Her face is strained with emotion.)

Dwayne: (He looks at Dee-Dee then to me) When (he clears his throat) when Dee was fifteen or so her brother’s friends got her drunk…then they—they took advantage of her.”

Dee-Dee: So I um—have trouble trusting men, now.

Q. What do you guys see in your future and is it a future together?

Dee-Dee: Well, I am expecting, so I hope that somebody does the right thing soon and puts a ring on my finger before I’m out to here.

Dwayne: Dee! You know I’m saving up for a nice ring. I already asked her—but she said no.

Dee-Dee: I didn’t say no. I said don’t even ask me if you don’t have the hardware—I mean come on—a lady has standards!

Dwayne: What lady? (He pretends to look around for someone else.)

Dee-Dee: Okay, Johnson. That’s it. When this guy is done… (She gives Dwayne a soft punch in the shoulder.)

Q. Okay we’ve had some pretty serious questions. So I’ll lighten up for this last one. Do you think William Potter will write you into another story?

Dee-Dee: Potter is working on a detective novel I hear. It would be cool if he made me a CSI or a cop. But he is a guy so I’m sure he would write me in as a hooker or the next bimbo to get sliced and diced.

(Dwayne is getting fidgety again. I decide to end things early) Okay thank you very—

Dee-Dee: (Whispers to me) I think that’s fourteen. Would you have one more by any chance?

Q. Yes I have one more. If someone makes a movie of your story, who would you like to play you both?

Dwayne: I think Dee looks at lot like Ann Hathaway. I think she would do a good job.

Dee-Dee: For him, hmmm. (She smiles) I think someone like Woody Allen could pull it off.

Dwayne: That guy is like—sixty!

Dee-Dee: I don’t think Danny DeVito is doing anything.

Dwayne: Dee! He’s like three feet tall and…. oh, you’re just evil!

Okay, thank you, Dwayne and Dee-Dee. Good luck with the baby and I hope you get that ring soon, Dwayne.

Originally published by Rose at The Plot

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Fright Factory is Coming September 19

Wesley and Robin Tate become empty-nesters in their early forties when their daughter leaves home for college. Without the shared focus on parenting, a few weak spots in their relationship have been revealed. A weekend away at a secluded resort cottage seems like just the thing to rekindle and refresh their strained marriage.

Jesse Lawless is an indie film maker intent on producing the next great horror classic despite lacking the funds for actors, effects, or a script. He will stop at nothing to capture and upload his chilling masterpiece to satisfy his rabid internet fan base.

With the cabin as the setting and the Tates as his cast, Lawless sets in motion a plan to produce the most realistic slasher flick ever. "We is gonna make us a fine motion picture!"

The Fright Factory is Jesse's version of reality show and movie premise rolled into one. For the Tates, no acting ability is necessary as the terror becomes all too real. In each round, Jesse turns up the brutality in a game where killing your best friend may be the only way to survive.

Coming September 19/11 To An eBook Reader Near You!

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Bent, Not Broken Reviewed on Amazon

In Bent, Not Broken, Dwayne is a brilliant man who struggles with a severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and much of it involves counting and numbers and fear of germs. He has what some people would call the most boring job in the world...he sits in a cubicle and takes telephone surveys all day; but he likes his job, and he's good at it. His co-workers (The Gang of Three) disrupt his perfect cubicle and play other disgusting juvenile tricks. Dwayne doesn't seek revenge; he simply puts everything back in its precise order and resumes his work. Personal relationships are nearly impossible; physical contact is extremely uncomfortable, and a kiss means exchanging saliva with another person, something that's appalling to him. Then Dee Dee, a unique and compassionate woman who "gets him," enters his life, and turns everything upside down with surprising and positive results. Now he has a reason to consult his doctor, resume his meds, and practice his strategies of "calming and coping skills" to reduce anxiety attacks.

I found this book fascinating. The writing is clear and
the characters are well-developed. I was hooked from the first line. We see how excruciating life can be for people with OCD. I found myself cheering for Dwayne to get back on track with meds and treatment to control his OCD so he can enjoy more personal freedom, less anxiety, and have a relationship with a wonderful and understanding woman. This book is informative as well as enjoyable to read.

Reviewed by Janet J for


BENT, NOT BROKEN is story of two people who, for different reasons, have trouble finding someone to love. Dwayne has a debilitating mental/emotional handicap and Dee-Dee struggles with a painful experience in her past. Despite those obstacles, they do find a way to connect. This is a fascinating and gentle romantic novella, beautifully told and full of quiet wisdom. by Christa Polkinhorn (Santa Monica, CA, USA)


We all know the "Rain Man" version of OCD, and we know real people who struggle with compulsions, phobias and "quirks." I wasn't sure what to expect with "Bent, Not Broken," but surely not this sweet, lovely story. It takes a deft touch to create a complicated character like Dwayne and make us root for him--not out of pity, but because we see ourselves in him. This was a fast read, and it ended too soon. I can't remember the last book that left me feeling this hopeful.

By ARLockwood (Orlando, FL United States)

Available in Kindle at

Available in Multiple ebook formats at B&N NOOK Apple/iBook Store

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Reader's Favorite Reviews: Surviving the Fall

Had me on the edge of my seat rooting for the protagonists--Reviewed by Donna M. for

James Goodal is living a life of isolation, solitude, and regrets. He sees his life as a failure and lives in a home that feels like a castle, a house that he dreamed would be filled with children and family. However, his wife and childhood sweetheart decides that she no longer wants the marriage, or the family they aspired for, and leaves Goodal with unfulfilled dreams and memories of better days.

Goodal's life takes a sudden turn when he rescues Ashley who was thrown from a speeding car. As an 11-year-old virgin, Ashley was alienated and isolated from society in the worst way possible. She was exploited in the sex trade market, sold for sex through the internet, so that her mother could purchase drugs and pay off her debt to the drug dealer she is in hock to. Now as a 14-year-old, Ashley's only goal is to save her own life. She makes a brazen attempt to escape this life by using the only thing she knows how to use, her sexuality. While Goodal is greatly tempted by Ashley's wiles, he tries to gather his wits and show Ashley that what was done to her was wrong; he manages with great difficulty to resist her temptations. Ashley's mother and step-father are in deep debt to their drug suppliers because they use more products than they sell; therefore, their lives are in danger. Their only hope of survival is to find Ashley (and a broach that is in her possession) to pay off their drug supplier and save their own lives.

This story has you on the edge of your seat as you root for Ashley to live a normal life and escape the wiles of her mother and for Goodal to hold true to his values and show Ashley that she really can live a normal life. This author has a healthy knowledge of human behavior and a natural talent with dialogue. This story had me on the edge of my seat rooting for the protagonists. It also brought tears to my eyes as I traveled with Goodal and Ashley who were both hurting and struggling to overcome their own personal life tragedies and bring normalcy to their lives. 5 Stars

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Big Name Pay-for-Publishing VS True Self-Publishing

A special post as part of the Blog Party for the Four Hundred Days release.

Both Lor Mandela Destruction From Twins and Lor Mandela 400 Days were self published by author L. Carroll. Many writers are working to publish in the YA fantasy genre so I offer this article to help authors make a more informed decision about publishing.

I wish I had known more about the Self Publishing-Print On Demand Industry before I chose to self publish my first book with a big name vanity publisher back in 2008. Many authors are now choosing to publish with do-it-yourself publishers like CreateSpace and Lulu. I went for a full service POD publisher for my first book. This was a mistake and here is why.

The big pay-for-publishing companies (iUniverse, Xlibris, AuthorHouse etc.) don't make their money selling their author's books. Their income stems from selling expensive publishing packages and marketing/publicity campaigns to their authors.

The suggested retail price for many books published by these companies is preset by the publisher with no author control. It is often way above market standards. Imagine $19.99-$24.99 for a 250 page trade paperback book and $9.99 for a Kindle ebook. Compare this to the 10 bucks for best sellers by world famous authors. A 250 page book POD published should retail for $15.00 or less and the ebook for no more than half the print retail.

On average, these overpriced books sell 5 copies or less (not including to family or friends) One big name admits to many titles not selling a single copy at on-line stores like (In some rare instances some authors have sold hundreds even thousands of copies from these companies) Learn as much about self promotion as you can online and be prepared to work hard to build your reputation.

Books from these companies often have a terrible reputation. The books themselves are believed to be of poor quality and the writing is thought to be weak and in need of professional editing. (Printing quality has improved greatly over the years but the stigma remains) Hire a professional editor to make sure your manuscript is at its best. Also, don’t cheap out on cover design as readers do judge books by their covers.

Some interested readers might shy away from your book when they realize it is published by one of these companies because of the industry reputation. My recommendation: Mail a print copy of your book to reviewers and run contest giveaways at your website or blog to get your book out to the reading public.

by William R. Potter

Dead of Knight-A Jack Staal Mystery

Dead of Knight-A Jack Staal Mystery
Now Available