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Dead of Knight is a thrilling and original mystery novel.

George WilhiteAuthor,
“On the Verge of Madness”
“Dead of Knight” by William Potter is a thrilling and original mystery novel. The main character, Jack Staal, was introduced in Potter’s exceptional collection “Lighting the Dark Side” in the short story, “Prominent Couple Slain.” There, in the span of an average length short story, Potter provided readers enough information about Staal and his fictional hometown, Hanson, B.C., to leave us wanting more, and “Dead of Knight” certainly delivers.

A serial killer is on the loose, murdering women on their birthdays. The police slap the moniker “Birthday Boy” on him which only fuels his psychosis—he prefers “Soldier of Justice.” How do we know this? Ah, because thanks to Potter, we get the story from two perspectives, Staal and the Soldier of Justice, cop and killer, cat and mouse.

This is a brave undertaking and not easy to pull off. Most mystery and thriller writers stick to the police procedural formula and simply demonize their serial killer as an evil “Other,” a monster, without providing any real insight into their character or purpose.

Thomas Harris raised the bar long ago with Hannibal Lecter, The Tooth Fairy and Buffalo Bill and their complex relationships to agents Will Graham and Clarice Starling, and I think few writers have entered his arena out of fear of failure.

Potter takes on the challenge and succeeds with a fully satisfying, well rounded novel. It is both an exciting page turner and an equally effective insight into human nature and psychology.

Fans of the mystery genre and mainstream readers alike will enjoy this entertaining and thought provoking thriller. Potter’s dialog is brisk and naturalistic and he does not shy away from the graphic verisimilitude necessary to create sufficient terror and repulsion within the reader toward his perpetrator.

Hanson, B.C. is a thoroughly believable fictional town that blends seamlessly into reality and Jack Staal is a multi-dimensional, sufficiently flawed character with plenty of his own inner demons to battle while hunting down his antagonist--the perfect ticket for a successful series. I look forward to reading more Jack Staal mysteries.

I highly recommend “Dead of Knight” and any fiction by William Potter.

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