Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting a grip on the Darker Side

A Book Review from Ezine

I don't normally like short stories, but as soon as I started reading this book, Lighting The Dark Side, I instantly fell in love with the stories.

Each story is completely different - although they have a thread going through them of - the darker side of life.

I think my favorite is Blessing or Curse - which actually reflects one of the things that i often think - one good thing happens and then something bad happens to equal it out!

Some might think this is a series of pessimistic outlooks on life - in fact, I have been, myself, on occasion accused of being in this state of mind - however, I choose to call it reality and I like that author Potter has the guts to put down on paper what alot of people think, deep inside their minds. It can be scary to actually admit just how dark the mind can truly get. I, for one, applaud this author for channeling his "inner dark side" and writing these stories.

Granted, this book will not exactly make you feel all warm and loved after you have finished reading it, but the stories are so well written, that the tales, in themselves will be engrossing enough.

The author, William R. Potter, is a very good writer, he knows how to get to the darker side of human nature and the darker side of life....I loved this book, even if after reading it, I wasn't exactly in the mood to sing a hearthy song.

by Tina Avon

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